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The Story of Sukha Sac

Brandee Safran

Brandee is a committed yoga teacher, reiki healer, and health coach! Her passion lies in providing ease and comfort to body and mind.
From an early age, she has suffered from Chrons disease and IBS.

The Sukha Sac was designed to provide comfort to the belly, to help relieve the pain of muscle spasms. Therapeutic oils provide a healing component to the sacs and in addition the weight is ideal for soothing aches. The size of the Sukha Sac is ideal to cover the whole belly region!

Each Sukha Sac is designed to suit your needs, whether your tension lies in your neck or shoulders, knees or lower back there is a Sukha Sac waiting to be customized for your personal needs! Brandee’s intention is to help support your body to relax and find comfort!

Brandee’s children encouraged her to share the gift of the sacs with the world!

Made with Love,

To find out more about Brandee’s yoga schedule please visit www.yogawithbrandee.com